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To encourage the members of pattinsonlife to be able to communicate better with the mods, we are introducing the Page-A-Mod system.

I'm sure some of you are familiar with this system from other comms around lj. Basically we've come to understand that not everyone likes to use LJ's private messaging (PM) system to contact one of the mods, whether it's b/c they don't like to use PM's, or even that the idea of PM'ing a mod is intimidating for them. We're hoping this will be an effective option for your questions/concerns to be addressed faster and in a less intimidating setting. :]

pattinsonlife, so your comment should get a reply in a short amount of time.

Feel free to use this place to ask questions, voice concerns/opinions on how pattinsonlife is being run, and/or to give us a heads up on any ideas you might have for the community. This is also a place to report and/or make any complaints regarding the community and/or one of our members.

In addition if you're ever curious about content you'd like to post in pattinsonlife and are unsure if it's appropriate, this is the best place to get a quick yes or no. ;)

pattinsonlife an even better experience for everyone here (mods and members alike). Please don't be afraid to talk to us, we promise we don't bite. :]

How this will work: After commenting, your message will be automatically screened until viewed by a mod, and upon reading and responding, the mod will then decide if it’s okay to unscreen the comment or not. Don't worry if it's a more private question or concern, we'll be sure to keep it screened. ;)

We also suggest that you check your question against those in the comments section, to be sure it hasn’t already been asked, and even though we know that not everyone will remember to do this, try searching through our tags , community rules, and mod posts to be sure you question isn't already answered there. ;)

Thanks guys!
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